Find out how much energy we are producing in real time and how much CO2 we are saving.
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Energy Produced
10 Kwh
CO2 Saved
10 Tn

​Find out how much energy we are producing in real time and how much CO2 we are saving.

Social Sustainability

​The bond with the local social tissue, the respect for the environment and the commitment to the economic-financial management of the company, are in synthesis, our way of contributing to the wellbeing of the people that surround us. As a company we try to apply the principles of respect for people, to develop their talent and encourage their involvement and participation and work every day towards building a more and more solid manufacturing business.

Environment Sustainability

​The photovoltaic installation produces part of the energy used for production, which allows us to considerably reduce the quantity of CO2 emissions. The implementation of the WEEE regulations and the REACH system allow us to pay attention to the use and disposal of equipment and materials respecting the environment. The design process takes into account products’ life cycle and through a policy of Design for Disassembly it is possible to retrieve single elements at the end of their individual service life.

Economic Sustainability

​From 1981 the year the company was founded, we operate with the knowledge that the need to meet our requirements must not negatively affect future generations meeting their own. We have also applied these principles to the financial management of our company, and reinvested profits to improve our ability to satisfy customers and be able to tackle times of crisis and see them as an opportunity to change and grow.