The founding of Elmec snc with headquarters in Polaveno
We acquire the technology for numerically controlled punch presses.
Change of company status from snc to srl with the acquisition of Elpro snc
Move to the new headquarters in Polaveno
Power shift System.
Range of console mounting arm devices to house numerical controls.
Introduction of laser cutting technology.
Start of the partnership with Amada (video, Japan, etc.)
Extension to new headquarters to house a milling department and materials warehouse
Redesign of the Company logo and restructure of the Domestic Sales Department
Redesign of the Company logo and restructure of the Domestic Sales Department
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​Elmec snc was founded in Polaveno in 1981 and from the out start specialises in manufacturing mechanics for the electronics sector. In 1994 determined to offer its customer base a complete service the company purchases Elpro snc, specialised in electronic components and becomes the company it is today: Elmec Srl.

The following year the new headquarters are built and opened on Polaveno’s industrial estate. 1999 sees the introduction of laser cutting technology, which immediately becomes an element of strength to fulfil increasingly dynamic and customised client demands. The trip to Japan in 2006 to visit the Amada headquarters, leader company in the field of machine tools for working and deforming steel sheets, marks the beginning of a partnership that is truly one of its kind in Italy. Currently the company has one of the best park of steel processing machines and can boast the most updated software to control and automate production. 2008 sees the extension to the new headquarters and the introduction of a department totally dedicated to milling and a new warehouse to stock all the raw materials. During 2011 the logo is redesigned, the Corporate image is updated, Communication tools undergo a complete makeover and the Domestic Sales department is restructured. Activities in 2012 begin with expansion plans for the European market.